Why Us

Focused on Results

PAC7 has the custom insurance and protection products that can take your rental business to the next level of success.  These tailored products include:

  • Travel Insurance / Trip Cancellation
  • Homeowners Liability
  • Accidental Damage Protection
  • Corporate Housing Damage Protection
  • Renters Insurance
  • Bed Bug Protection
  • US & International

These solutions protect your business, your property owners and your renter/travelers.  We also have programs where our clients may qualify for referral fees when travelers are referred to selected products.

PAC7 has a “one-to-many” structure in which we work with multiple Underwriters.  This ensures that our clients receive the strongest insurance programs with the highest level of coverage for their travelers, wherever they are coming from, and wherever they’re going to.

Contact PAC7 Insurance Agency at info@pac7.com to learn more.