Filing Claims

If you are a client that has enrolled in a PAC7 property protection program, the Subscriber Program Application you completed and executed provided you a description of coverage, benefits, exclusions and limitations; please refer to that as needed.

To File a Property Protection Claim…

PAC7 uses the platform for service, support and claims submission: all claims must be filed in that system. If property owner/manager becomes aware of a loss or incident that occurred at and during a Covered Booking and that may be covered by your Program, please:

  1. Log-in to your Subscriber account at
  2. Once logged in, in the upper left of the Dashboard page, click the [Claims] icon button.
  3. On the “New Claim Policy Locator” pop-up box, input your desired Booking/Reservation Number; you may also search by Name. Then click the [Search] button.
  4. On the Issued Coverage List, click the (far-right) [Open Claim] button, and complete the following Claims Submission screens. In order to expedite processing, we recommend you prepare your required photo(s) and receipt(s) in advance.
  5. If the [Open Claim] button is greyed-out and does not open a submission, that means that a claim is not available to be filed: either the claim period has not yet started, or has already passed.
  6. Your submitted claim will be automatically routed to the program underwriter-designated Claims Administrator. A confirmation email with a specific Claim Identification number and claims administrator contact information will then be sent to you by the system.
  7. If necessary, in’s individual “Coverage Details” page, you can download and print a specific coverage’s description of coverage:  click the [Print DOC] button in the upper right of the page.
  8. Claims adjudication is made by the program underwriter-designated Claims Administrator. Neither PAC7 nor participate in the claims adjudication process.  If you have a question about a specific claim, please contact the Claims Administrator.

SEE:  How To File A Claim Video


To File a Travel Insurance Claim…

Click HERE, then select your Travel Protection program from the list. Once on the page for your program, scroll to the bottom of the page for “Important Telephone Numbers”.  Call the number to start your claim.