Hurricanes Gaston & Hermine & Tropical Storms: Coverage Alert

Please be advised that Hurricanes Gaston and Hermine (formerly Tropical Depression 9), and Tropical Depression 8 fall within our guidelines, policy terms & conditions as inclement weather.  Policies purchased prior to the occurrence would cover the event.  As of then, they are no longer considered unforeseen, so they are not covered.

Please note:

  • Trip cancellation and trip interruption benefits are not payable if a natural hazard (such as a brushfire, tropical storm, or hurricane) is named on or becomes foreseen before the effective date of the policy.
  • This guideline applies only to new policies that are effective on or after the event, and covering travel during such time. It does not apply to new policies that cover travel after the event has passed.

Terms and conditions may vary by program; please refer to the actual policy. All claims should be adjudicated on their own circumstances & merits.